Delete All My Data

If you feel uncomfortable while your personal data is stored in our DataBase, you can request us to delete the personal data belonging to you.

Wich data we store:

  • Xbox Account ID (XUID)
  • Xbox Account GamerTag
  • Xbox Account E-Mail (Only if signed-in with your Xbox Account)
  • Your Name (Only if signed-in with your Xbox Account)
  • Your Xbox Profile Avatar & GamerScore Data

In order to request your data being deleted, you need to provide your Xbox Account ID (XUID) and e-mail associated with your Microsoft Account (to verify this is you).

E-Mail adress associated with your Microsoft Account.

How to revoke MyGamerTag access to your Microsoft account?

  • Go to
  • Scroll Down to «Apps and services» Settings
  • Click «Apps and services that can access your data»
  • Find «MyGamerTag» and Click It
  • Click «Remove these permissions»