MyGamerTag · How It Works

About (MGT) is stats service based on Xbox Live & Steam API's. MGT obtain public profile data from your gaming profiles, and store it for easy access and comparsion between other profiles.

Xbox Live

What you will get by sign-in with Xbox Live account?

After sign-in with your account, we will parse your gaming data, and store it for quick access. You will get shiny page with your Xbox Live Account data, such as:

  • GamerTag · Your Display Name
  • GamerScore · Your Achievements Score
  • Reputation · Xbox Live Reputation
  • Profile State · Online/Offline
  • Last Used Device · Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS
  • Recently Played Games · With Current Achievemets Percentage & GamerScore
  • Recently Unlocked Achievements · GamerScore & Rarity
  • Recently Taken Screenshots · Date, Resolution, Device, Download Link


We are using Steam Web API to obtain your public data. Some more info will be added soon.

Data Accuracy

We obtain data from public API's, wich means all data we get can be not so correct as you expected to be, and/or updated with some delay.

Besides this, third party APIs may be unavailable in some cases, which will cause some data loss (in this case you will get cached data), or more significant update delay.


At this point interval between Xbox Live data obtain (refreshing your profile) is limited to 30 minutes.

How to remove your data from MGT?

You can request us to delete the personal data belonging to you at this, page. Just fill up the form.

Still In Beta

Please note! is currently in beta, so you must expect some bugs.